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Gordon Campbell Gray is the founder and Chairman of CampbellGray Hotels.

He is a trained hotelier and is an advisor to various companies, both hotel and non-hotel related.

He is a Vice President of Save the Children UK and is currently involved in various projects around the world, having recently visited Ethiopia, Liberia, Bangladesh, and Haiti. He sits on the boards of various charities, and is an ardent fundraiser on their behalf.

He cares greatly about the environment, and is passionate about individuality. He is a columnist, writes for various publications, and is also extremely concerned that Hoteliers need to take greater care of the environment.

As the word luxury becomes increasingly over used and so often synonymous with excess, the philosophy of his company is based very much around a greater sense of integrity. It is all about the arrival of the intelligent guest of whom there will be more and more.

In 2002, he was named Hotelier of the Year in the United Kingdom and in 2010, he received the first ever Leading Legends award from Leading Hotels of the World at their annual convention in Tokyo.

He is very involved in every aspect of the design of his hotels. He invests countless effort passionately refining every detail of a hotel project and personally puts together their contemporary art collections from various countries he visits around the world. It is all in the detail, and he believes that every aspect of a hotel must be thoroughly thought through.

He is passionate about his teams and spends much of his time engaging with them in training, inspiration and motivation. Despite his love of innovative design and technology, he remains firmly in the belief that ultimately it is all about service and regards his staff as the true secret weapon.