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There is a very clear philosophy at CampbellGray Hotels and that is to, at all times, operate to the highest levels of integrity, to take great care of its people and to achieve commercial success.

The traditional concepts of luxury which have become tedious, clichéd and predictable need to be revisited. What has now to be considered and recognized is that the hotels which are going to be successful are the ones which recognise that things are changing. People’s expectations are changing.

In an era of constantly expanding large corporate brands, there is an increasing demand for individuality, originality and perhaps most important of all, intelligence.

With Gordon Campbell Gray’s personal involvement, the team plans, conceptualises and operates the hotels with an incredible attention to detail.

Every decision is thought through and taken with honesty and integrity.

We respect the environment wherever possible - the local culture and people are vital ingredients to any successful destination. Sustainability has always been a natural element for us - this is about future proofing the asset.

We create thoughtful, original ideas by being aware of the market and above all question and ask ourselves ‘who is this for and what do they want’. We always add these ingredients and more. Luxury and what guests want, need and expect is forever evolving.

We strive to avoid anything trendy - it is bound to go out of fashion. Originality and comfort are key.

Restaurant and Bar concepts have to be exciting. We inject wit, fun and excitement.

We look after the staff by training, recognition and empowerment. The staff is our secret weapon. No matter where you are and how beautiful the backdrop - you have to deliver outstanding, authentic service. This is what we do.