Health & Hygiene

CAMPBELL GRAY HOTELS have always been dedicated to providing our guests and staff with a clean, pleasant and safe environment. This attitude has not changed, in fact, we can now share some of the practises we’ve always done and some new ones to provide you with peace of mind.

  • It’s all in-house
    All of our colleagues, regardless of department, have received training on hygiene safety, cleaning standards and preventative measures to stop the spread of infectious diseases. As our properties reopen, they follow both international and local authority guidelines. Our enhanced protocols mandate good hygiene.
  • Seamless service
    At CAMPBELL GRAY HOTELS we still aim to provide a seamless and guest centred service. We have placed sanitising stations around the properties, provide masks and gloves, sanitise luggage on arrival, observe social distancing and have a ‘when you want’ approach to servicing your room.
  • Safety Teams
    Each of our properties has a safety team, added to their important role is the implementation and audit of all COVID 19 protocols. The properties have introduced detailed check lists and work with our partners and suppliers, ensuring they too, have protocols in place when supplying or visiting our premises.
  • Stay your way
    We’ve always tried to accommodate every guest request. To ensure your peace of mind we are happy to offer a complete private service, providing all your meals in your room, limited room servicing and contactless check-in and out.

Other than these important measures, some of our properties may have advanced safety steps in place, subject to local authority guidance. Please contact the hotel directly if you have any concerns or questions.

We will continue to work with leading experts to ensure that we offer the best care and attention in all our properties.