Philanthropy & Sustainability

At CAMPBELL GRAY HOTELS we are committed to the welfare of our society, the environment and we love art.

Our philanthropy programmes are geared towards both charities and the arts and we are always enrolled in initiatives in the cities and countries in which we operate.

LeGray Campbell Gray Hotel

“Our aim is to be able to make a difference where difference is needed.”

The Merchant House, Campbell Gray Hotel
The Merchant House, Campbell Gray Hotel
The Machrie, Campbell Gray Hotel
CAMPBELL GRAY HOTELS is one of the only international hotel operators that has a sister company dedicated to environmental issues. We support our development partners in renewable energy initiatives, water management and new technologies.

Through our company mandate to reduce our carbon footprint, each member hotel conducts supply chain audits and educates our teams to be socially conscious in business. We support local procurement, sustainable and environmental positive supplies.