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ALEX is located in the municipality of Thalwil in the canton of Zurich and along the A3 motorway from Zurich to Chur.

Downtown Zurich is a 15 minute (View Directions) drive away and Zug is only 30 mins (View Directions)

Valet parking is available 24 hours. Prior parking reservation is recommended.

Zurich International Airport (ZUR) is less than 40 minutes from ALEX.

View Directions

Public transportation provides a comfortable way to get to Thalwil station, which is in walking distance to ALEX. Our free shuttle transfer will pick you up and drop you off at Thalwil station upon arrival and departure.

Zurich Main Station can be reached within 10 minutes while Zug Station is 14 minutes away. Trains run every 10 minutes taking 8 minutes to Zurich main station and 30 minutes to the international airport.

10 min to Zurich main station

30 min to Zurich airport

14 min to Zug

Train Information

ALEX is in walking distance to Thalwil boat station. In the summer, trips to Zurich and Rapperswil are scheduled regularly.

Guests can also board the ALEX House Boat for complimentary boat trip to Zurich downtown running 4 times a day on a scheduled basis. Additional trips upon request and extra charge.

49 min to Zurich

Thalwil Boat Station Timetable

20 min to Zurich on the ALEX House Boat

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