Over the past year, Amman’s new downtown district of Abdali has witnessed a surge in culture, thanks to The Valley, Campbell Gray Living Amman’s boutique retail space.
To boost the cultural capital of The Valley, Campbell Gray is proud to announce the launch of its first restaurant – hangar1. Combining a bold, nostalgic ambience with its menu of delicious and comforting classics of steaks, chicken, burgers and fries, hangar1 offers something unique that is designed to awaken the child in all of us.
The interior design of the restaurant draws on the aesthetics, aviation and air travel, creating a truly unique perspective on the modern restaurant that needs to be seen to be believed. Containing many elements styled after or actually made from old airplanes, this culinary experience is meant to bring customers back to their youth and re-embrace the wonders of a child-like imagination once again.
The ambience in this comfortable and retro-styled setting is ideal for spending time with family and friends. The walls are adorned with original works by the acclaimed street artist Ernest Zacharevic, whose subversive public work led to his being dubbed ‘the Banksy of Malaysia.”