Paper It, Group show of works on paper

Jan 26th – Feb 14th

Paper It, Group show of works on paper, Jan 26th – Feb 14th

14 rising artists have exhibited their works on our space walls, as the young art scene and art enthusiasts crowded in to see their black & white themed paper works. The group show aimed at shedding light on local and regional artists who are talented enough yet still undiscovered; as our art space is not only limited to supporting and promoting international and established artists.
The group show has also celebrated the diversity of its artists; as each expressed their artistic individuality via their own techniques, approaches and concepts.
Our space has focused on highlighting the least complex medium, graphite and/or ink; to stress on the fact that art is not about the tool but what the artist can do with a tool, and that this is where creativity lies.
Our art space has also opened its doors to a diversified crowd, aiming at breaking any stigma linked with the typical “white cube”; as what our space offers extends beyond the typical function of a gallery.

Utopian Reality, Muhammed Lubbad, December 19th- Jan 24th.