Utopian Reality

December 19th- Jan 24th.

Utopian Reality, Muhammed Lubbad, December 19th- Jan 24th

Envisioning earth’s diversified beauty, Muhammed Lubbad presented the local art scene with a solo show at our art space, as our doors opened for a cocktail reception on December 19th.
Made with scissors, ‘Utopian Reality’ was an attempt to capture a tangible manifestation for Utopia on earth, which as the Gazan artist puts it, would be the human existence.
Never showcased in Jordan before, Lubbad’s works have still yielded a feeling of affinity, as they spoke to a universal experience; one that transcends borders.
With the intention of manifesting the essence of diversity of life, Lubbad used collage – a technique with a nature of cutting, destructing and re-exploiting bits and pieces of paper/magazine cut-outs; reflecting the constructive and deconstructive nature of beauty.
As a means to provide space for the spectators to contemplate his work, Lubbad made sure the viewers were capable of using their imagination to recognize subject matter, which can be vaguely identified unless observed from a distance. A technique known as ‘Optical color mixing’, where the work appears to be a hodgepodge of dots; which allows the viewers to optically mix them as they walk away from the work. Such an approach kept the audience gazing within a loop, going back and forth, re-examining the work and trying to visualize all supposed possibilities.
Lubbad also focused on producing a mosaic-like texture, which has ironically put the viewers on an agitated moment of ease. Simultaneously, his use of colors paved the way for the works to stand out with an unorthodox visual anarchy. With a non-naturalistic color palette, Lubbad aimed to create an experience for color as an emotional response for interpretations of everyday reality.

Utopian Reality, Muhammed Lubbad, December 19th- Jan 24th.