CGL Amman Business Hub, a fully managed corporate facility

CAMPBELL GRAY LIVING Amman partnered with Migrate – a Business Services and Solution Provider assisting enterprises in setting-up, operating, and expanding into and out of markets – to launch a new Business Hub in the CGL offices in Abdali.

CGL Amman is magnifying its work aspect by launching the CGL Amman Business Hub, a fully managed corporate facility where members and visitors are served and treated with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. Set to be located on the ground and first floor, the Business Hub will also include Amman’s first walk-in Corporate Mall, offering its members exclusive corporate services and solutions with a range of local and global opportunities.

Working with its clients to address business challenges and support their growth while reducing cost and risk, CGL Amman and Migrate’s partnership will further boost corporate capital, giving their clients the ultimate destination to ‘Live, Work, and Play’.

In addition to corporate services and solutions, members will have access to any of the Business Hub’s various existing locations world-wide. There are currently three Business Hubs in Amman and multiple convenient business locations in the North and South of Jordan. Migrate also operates in America, Europe, and various locations in the MENA region and will be expanding rapidly around the Globe.