Our very own art gallery, in the Courtyard

The Corner is a new and exciting art space that holds exhibitions, talks, workshops, and art salons.


We work closely with the other galleries in Amman in a collaboration to showcase their art and support their artists. We are also a hub for both established and renowned independent artists and young and upcoming talents alike.


All in the courtyard at Campbell Gray Living.

There is amazing talent in Jordan and in the region and we are very proud of launching The Corner at the heart of Campbell Gray Living.

- Gordon Campbell Gray

Opening Exhibition



#reds&blacks presents works by 16 renowned artists from Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Armenia, Kurdistan, Spain, Turkey, and the Philippines, all in red and black.

Each artist expresses red and black in their own style and on their own terms, showcasing that the interpretation of love, war, beauty, death, culture, form, and politics is never one and the same.

Just like the contrast of the two colors is intense vs neutral, passion and desire vs death and fear, and romance vs aggression, the artworks are contrasting in their power, style, and artistic philosophy.

Mohammad Al Shammarey | Delair Shaker | Dia Azzawi | Salustiano | Sarp Yavuz | Elmer Dumlao | Islam | Jehad Al Ameri | Bashar AlHroub | Himat | Rania Kamal | Nawal Abdallah | Omar Bilbeisi | Hind Nasser | Antoni Tapies | Annie Kurkidjian | Mohammad Doheidel | Rasmi Al Khafaji




Exhibitions for Fall/Winter 2019 will be announced soon.

Campbell Gray Hotels collect original art for all their properties, and Campbell Gray Living is no exception

-and I am thrilled to be curating The Corner because we share a passion for creativity.

We want amateurs and buyers alike to come and enjoy a good cup of coffee and some great art!

- Dina Dabbas Rifai

Curator / Art Dealer / Art Travel Blogger, @theartinerary

Opening Hours

Daily except Friday

Valet parking available.