Café Gray

Café Gray is a cosmopolitan brasserie known for its mix of British and European favourites. A concept by Campbell Gray Hotels, it is a new edition of the renowned sidewalk restaurant cafe at hotel Le Gray in Beirut.

Completing the guest experience in our hotels, Café Gray is a contemporary all-day dining offering everything from coffee or tea with a delicious pastry to a full meal.

When Café Gray “stands alone”, it stays true to the philosophy that inspires Campbell Gray Hotels to expand its Food and Beverage concepts, taking the 5-star hotel restaurant service to the high street.

The first stand-alone Café Gray debuted in 2023 in the United Arab Emirates at Dubai Hills Mall.

The décor is timeless, artistic, comfortable and fuss free. Attracting guests from all walks of life, the atmosphere in the restaurant is lively and always buzzing with activity. 

When you visit Café Gray, you come to experience British hospitality and service at their best, and to enjoy decadent food prepared with art and a pinch of love.

The menu features signature British favourites, classics and European dishes like Scottish Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes, Fish and Chips, Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Neapolitan Pizze and delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding, to mention only a few.


Food at Café Gray is about a great meal well done and simply with the freshest and most beautiful ingredients. 


Would you visit Café Gray without having your Instagram photo? We believe not, because we have made it “a so-British moment” for you!

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