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Heritage & Museums

The Levant cradle of civilization.

Throughout the ages, many civilizations have created unique and diverse landmarks throughout Lebanon. 7,000 years of history have given Lebanon a rich heritage and many places can be explored from Beirut.

From the Ottoman Empire to the French mandate, the Persians and the Romans, each have left their mark.

A visit to the Beirut National Museum is a perfect way to start your discovery, after that our concierge team are on hand to help you plan the rest of your visit.

Beirut’s walking historical trail starts in front of the hotel, taking you around various points of interest in the recently renovated Downtown.

From Beirut, you can explore many of Lebanon’s most beautiful cities and villages in a day and our concierge team will be happy to organise tours for you.

The ancient fishing town of Byblos is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition to Byblos, Tyre, Baalbeck and Anjar are also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Beiteddine and Deir el Qamar, power centres during the Ottoman empire will take you back to XVIIIth century Lebanon. The southern coast harbours the city of Sidon and is rich in history.

Famous for soap-making, the old city of Tyre is the birthplace of Europa. In the Bekaa valley, Heliopolis-Baalbeck stands proud, defying time with some of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. Anjar, the Ommeyade city on the crossroads of ancient trading routes, is a unique example of VIIIth century city planning.