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Artist Profile Mustafa AL Halwachi

Artist Profile : Mustafa AL Halwachi

The Merchant House does pop out when it comes to the design, its concept and the rich vibrant colours that it emanates. Well, be prepared to hear the name of Bahraini artist Mustafa AL Halwachi several times during your visit or stay.

Mustafa Abdul Rasool Al Halwachi was born in Bahrain but relocated in Dubai until his teenage years. By 1994 he left for college and studied in Seattle, Washington and was back to Bahrain in 1997. He was always interested in arts, very good at drawing and painting but did not have proper training at that time until his college years where he had better exposure to the different possibilities that art could be shaped to. He participated in his first exhibition in 1998 which afterwards gave him the opportunity to create a custom mural in St. Louis Missouri marking it the first art piece he sold to a private collector. And after years of challenges and opportunities, he had his first affiliation in 2004 when he joined the Bahrain Contemporary Art Society. From then onwards, Mustafa’s artworks have been regularly exposed to the public in various exhibitions. Our hotel had the pleasure to welcome the talents of Mustafa through our iconic graffiti column, very noticeable from the lobby – the ideal instagramable photo!

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