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Bahrain Travel Tips 1.0

Thinking of Bahrain as your next destination? Here’s what you need to know:

About Bahrain

Bahrain means ‘two seas’ and consists of an archipelago of 33 islands in the Gulf. Its shallow shores which used to be an economical pillar to the island as it harboured precious trade in pearls until the 19th century. It also has the first oil well in the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf which first spurted in October 1931. Bahrain is also the location of the lost Dilmun, important to the Semitic civilization in the Bronze Age. In the present days, Bahrain offers many sites of interest to keep both business and leisure travellers entertained.

Local laws and customs

Bahrain is open minded however they are very conservative in nature. Always respect their local traditions, customs, norms and religions and be aware of your actions not to offend them. Non-compliance could result in penalties. Dress appropriately in public places and especially in religious sites (No tank tops, shorts ,…). Overall, Bahrainis are very welcoming and helpful, do not feel offended if you are being approached by the locals and being told that your clothes might be too revealing!


Apart from Arabic, English is widely spoken across the island so do not expect to have major communication issues. However, grabbing the basics of the language is always useful and projects a good impression.

Useful Vocabulary; Gratitude

Phrase Pronunciation Meaning
Shukran Shook-rann Thank you
Afwan Af-wann You’re welcome
Salaam Sa-laam Peace be upon you

Useful Vocabulary; Greetings

Phrase Pronunciation Meaning
Salaam Sa-laam Peace be upon you
Ahlan Ah-lenn Most welcome
Sabah il-Khair Sa-bah il-Khair Good morning
Masa’ il-Khair Masa’ il-Khair Good evening

Useful Vocabulary; Yes/No/Maybe/Don’t know

Phrase Pronunciation Meaning
Ee Ai-wah Yes
La La’ No
Yimkin Yim-kin Maybe
Madri Maa-d-ree Don’t know

Useful Vocabulary; Requests/Commands/Directions

Phrase Pronunciation Meaning
Lao Samaht La-ou Sa-ma-ht Excuse me
Yimeen Ye-meen Right
Yissar Ye-saar Left


Bahrain climate is a desert, it has two seasons: A temperate winter (December to February) and a very hot summer (April to October) with generally high humidity. Thus, the best period to visit Bahrain in order to avoid the heat wave is from mid-November to mid-March. The sea is warm in summer (more than 30 °C or 86 °F) while cooler in late winter (20/21 °C or 68/70 °F).

What to pack

In summer : Light loose-fitting clothes made of natural fabrics like cotton, a desert turban, sweatshirt, scarf for air-conditioned spaces, sun cream, snorkelling equipment (if needed), water shoes. Women is advised not to wear shorts and mini-skirts out of tourist resort.
In winter : Light clothes for the day , sweater and jacket for the night, a scarf for the wind and umbrella in case of occasional rainy days.

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Key facts

Area – 765 sq km (295 miles)
Population – 1,492,584 (August 2017)
Population Density – 1,867 per sq km
Capital – Manama
Government – Constitutional monarchy
Head of State – King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa since 1999
Head of Government – Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa since 1971
Language – Arabic

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