Culture & Heritage

Bahrain has so much to offer!

A rich heritage as seen from the architectural features of some of the buildings that was preserved for centuries and diverse cultural landmarks from which to choose.

The Tale of Arabian Magnificence

Bahrain National Theatre
The first national theatre in the Kingdom and the third largest in the Arab world. It offers an iconic cultural experience between land and sea, to watch top international shows. An architectural modern and traditional design blend inspired by Bahraini homes and culture.

Bahrain National Museum
Located on the edge of the sea, it is one of the main attractions in the area, with its courtyard and contemporary sculptures and artefacts. The exhibition halls showcase the national legacy of artists and traditions.

Diraz Temple
Dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, the Diraz Temple is considered a great discovery for its grand columns and alters.

Bait Al Quran
This magnificent museum houses a collection of Quranic manuscripts and scriptures dating back to the 7th century. On addition to its rich historical collection, the museum’s exhibition space also hosts art exhibitions, has a small mosque, library and learning space dedicated for Islamic teaching.

Bab Al Bahrain
The old souk in the capital city Manama, which is considered and preserved as a cultural landmark and trade centre. It is also known for its architectural heritage and remarkable historical influence, marking the glory of tourism with a collection of shops that offer various traditional goods and souvenirs alongside the coffee shops.

Old Houses of Muharraq
Restored traditional Bahraini homes are famous for their impressive Gulf Islamic architecture that characterize the finest aspects of Bahrain’s heritage and pearling history.

Qal’at Al- Bahrain
Also known as Bahrain Fort (and Museum), Qal’at Al- Bahrain is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the site of the former capital of Dilmun and one of the most archaeological sites in the Arabian Gulf. Expect to immerse in Bahrain’s rich history through the various artefacts, exhibition halls and unique backdrop wall recreating the different archaeological layers uncovered at the site.