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Did you know: The word “Lithograph”

“A lithograph is a type of printing process used to reproduce original works of art. It is an authorized and many times originally crafted work by the artist or craftsman but does not require metal etchings like traditional prints do. Instead, they are made on a stone table or metal plate using various chemicals to duplicate the work.” (Barterbys Art Gallery, 2015)

While an authentic piece of work from Picasso would have worth millions of dollars, an original lithograph offers the same quality and beauty, authorized and signed by the artist at a lower cost.

If you go through our plethora of artworks, you will notice some of them as follows. If not, during your visit you can try to spot them and guess how many of those does The Merchant House have!

Raoul Dufy- Reception Etat Major a Beaulieu – Limited Edition 26th of 100 Lithographs

Harland Miller – Blonde but not forgotten – Limited Edition Screenprint 37th of 50 Lithographs

Marc Chagall – Le peintre el son modele 1981 (Picasso Age)

David Spiller – “Oh Boy” Minnie Mouse – Limited Edition 54th of 95 Lithographs

Henri Matisse – La Dance – 31st of 100 Lithographs

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