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Travel Tips 2.0

We’ve looked for the best top-rated apps so far that are a must to download before your trip to Bahrain, some of which are also applicable to other destinations to help you enjoy your vacation stress-free. All compatible with iOS and Apple store. Enjoy!

travel tips for Bahrain

1. PackPoint

A good vacation starts with a well-prepared packing. PackPoint helps you to organize what you need depending on the destination, the duration of your stay, the activities planned as well as the weather.

travel tips for Bahrain

2. Triposo

It is an offline travel map and guide which gives you a complete and updated guide to the city. Triposo is also a booking platform for your hotels, tours and attraction tickets.

travel tips for Bahrain

3. Eat

For our food bloggers or if you are just looking for a good place to eat, give the Eat app a try. It’s a Middle Eastern based online restaurant reservation service. In partnership with the best eateries in town, it allows you to search, discover and book your seats at your favourite restaurants in Manama, Bahrain and in the Middle East. You can also find Manama’s most stylish downtown entertainment outlet – Indigo Restaurant & Bar

travel tips for Bahrain

4. Bahrain Bus

To be updated on Bahrain’s bus routes, timetables, the tariffs, any news and so much more.

travel tips for Bahrain

5. Careem

Else if you prefer a personalized pickup, Careem app, similar to a local Uber app, could be what you are looking for.

travel tips for Bahrain

6. Wallet – Finance and Budget Tracker

If you are the control freak kind of traveller or just the conscious one, the Wallet app is great in monitoring your expenses, planning budgets and perhaps save money.

Those are just are just few basic top-rated traveller apps that may be useful to you. Until we see you again, The Merchant House Manama wishes you safe travels!

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